Each applicant must submit a filled up AADHAAR Card form at the center. The form is available at all the AADHAAR Card application centers for free. But to save time and hassle at the center applicant can download the form online and/or take Xerox copies for all members who are applying. There is only 1 page to fill up in the form. Filling up the AADHAAR Card application form is simple as only basic demographic information is needed. After the enrollment an acknowledgement slip is given to each applicant.

If there is any data entry or other mistake(s), the applicant can request for corrections within 96 hours. For corrections fill up this same AADHAAR Card form and submit it to the AADHAAR Card center. To learn more about AADHAAR Card correction, click here: AADHAAR Card Correction or click here: AADHAAR Card Correction by Post.

AADHAAR Card form guidelines

To download AADHAAR Card form, click here.

Field 2, NPR Number:
NPR survey slip was given to each household during the population census. To apply for AADHAAR Card, NPR (National Population Register) number is optional at most parts of India. However in some states like Tamil Nadu AADHAAR Card is issued only based on census survey and NPR slip is mandatory there.

Field 5, DOB/AGE:
If exact Date of Birth is known and the supporting DOB document is available, fill "Date of Birth" column and tick mark "Verified" checkbox. If Date of Birth document is not available fill the approximate years of age in "Age" column and tick mark "Declared" checkbox.

Field 7, Relationship:
For kids below 5 years of age, father / mother / guardian details along with their EID number is required. If the applicant does not have any Proof of Identity and applying using Head of the Family, EID / AADHAAR number of the Head of the Family is required.

AADHAAR Card Form in local language

Apart from English, AADHAAR Card form is also available in local languages online.

To learn more about the AADHAAR Card and the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), click here: Unique Identification Authority of India